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He called her daily on Face Time and discussed his intentions with her parents.With fierce determination he maintained a courtship over a span of 1,000 miles.It may have been what made her stand out to Justin. Though he'd never taken any formal lessons, Justin was adept at improvisation and Candace prided herself on the ability to follow any lead.So they danced the night away doing something in between salsa, Detroit ballroom and just shuffling feet around.There was no hiding place; the good, bad and the ugly were on display.Whereas one might expect this to drive a friendship apart, it drew them closer.Justin appreciated Candace's genuine concern for his well being.

She's a go getter, trend setter and absolutely hilarious.

Justin chose to come home for lunch that day, and he stood in the kitchen as the movers bustled around him.

He describes feeling ill as he watched the men pack the belongings. Justin made his intentions very clear not long after Candace moved away.

In the midst of all this movement, they talked and discovered that they had multiple things in common and several mutual friends.

Before she left for the evening, Justin asked for her number, but Candace was entangled in a long term, long distance relationship, so it was a no go.

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