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The user will see a warning message box letting him/her know that the record is about to be inserted, if the user decides not to insert the record, the grid is simply refreshed by reloading the data with dg Emp. Remove(employee); in order to delete the rows from the database.Items Source = Get Employee List(); DELETE records by pressing Delete Key: When the user selects one or various rows and presses the DELETE key, the Preview Key Down is fired and the rows disappear; however, the delete action does not update the database but only the collection. It is important to mention that the program needs to know that the user is deleting a row, not only a cell content; hence, just like in the insert operation, I used a Boolean value is Being Edited which is set to false unless the user is deleting the whole row.To set the Boolean is Being Edited to true I use the Beginning Edit event handler of the grid.In the preceding code, I created a data Grid View1_Row Header Mouse Click Event for updating and deleting the selected record.

Remarks The column Updating event occurs when the user changes a cell's value, but before the underlying recordset is updated.

the problem is that the list does not refresh correctly when adding new elements only in Native Window..

How can i force the update Display List on Datagrid to make it redraw everything?? i tried: datagrid .invalidate Skin State();datagrid .invalidate Display List();datagrid .validate Now(); They do not work...

Update, I'm sure you would have to instantiate a Command Builder and then pass your Adapter as its argument before using the Update method. on Why the update command will not work or post back?

url=/library/en-us/vbcon/html/vbwlk Walkthrough Using Data Grid Web Control To Read Write Any ideas?

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