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Phlegmatics navigate the world through their feelings.

Where a melancholic will think something through and make sure it makes logical sense, a phlegmatic won’t act until it feels right.

), our families, our upbringing, but phlegmatics appear so different based on these variables that it can be difficult to tell sometimes, until you look deeper at their motivations.

Looking out at the sea and its un-measured depths gives me a sublime sort of pleasure: there are places that we still have not tamed.It is the water that contains our wildness: that which we cannot tame and cannot know in full.We’ve tried to understand the water, can algorithm-ise to our hearts content and think we’ve got it solved and then out of nowhere a rogue wave will appear and blow all previous theories out the water.It is the water here that makes this planet what it is, that allowed the first life, millions of years ago, to emerge from the waters an amoeba with feet, crawling to land and crying out its first breath.And so we do the same each time we are born, crawl to land and cry, removed from the water that sustained us.

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