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It’s hard to rank Angeles City gogo bars in terms of girls.

No one bar has the hottest, Angeles bargirls tend to just work wherever they can, or wherever their girlfriends work, and they move around a lot.

You may be able to cut your spending down in some ways, but you will likely never be comfortable on a...

Office worker Pinay ‘Angeles dating’ may seem like an oxymoron.

Many sex travelers don't spend much time in Hong Kong, China, because they are unaware of the hot times that can be had in this beautiful city.

Our sexual hound dog spent a week in Hong Kong, and picked up a girl everyday he was there, and video taped his entire experience.

Who knows, but his fantasy has been granted and he takes her back to where he picked her up knowing that older women in the Philippine grind hard and long.

It was a great fuck for our Trike Patrol newby and he’ll continue to fuck older women when he gets the chance.

Like most Filipina's they'll spread their legs, let you fuck them without a condom, as long as you throw them some money for their cab.Well if you’re following our Youtube channel I was recently in Angeles City with Dan.He also has a blog Bodybuilder in Thailand and a Youtube channel. Bitcoin graph Since I bought some Bitcoin 7 months ago and did a post on it the value of BTC rose from 0 to almost 00 today.In April Japan legalized Bitcoin which pushed the value up a lot.I bought some Ethereum (ETH) / swapped some BTC for it, and that rose from to 0...

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