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Kolombangara Island fell to the Americans on October 11, and, on November 2, Bougainville was taken by Marines in a sharp engagement preceded by a naval battle in which the Japanese lost five warships.During this period, American air strength gradually achieved the superiority that had been sadly lacking in the first phases of the Pacific campaign.THE PUBLISHERS In the early morning of September 3, 1943, the long awaited Allied Invasion of the European continent began.From bases in recently won Sicily, British and Canadian forces crossed the Strait of Messina and landed in the Calabria province of Italy.Our service is free to join and within minutes of creating your profile, you'll be able to see who we think is a great match for you.Our amazing customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have, and as members of the Online Dating Association, we'll do everything we can to make your time on MSF as safe and secure as possible.

Throughout the fiscal year which ended September 1, 1944, the forces of the United Nations, with one lone exception, were making steady and sometimes rapid progress in liquidating the enemy.A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD OF ALL THEATERS OF ACTION CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED VOL. In Europe the fifth year of the war had hardly opened when American and British forces invaded the Italian peninsula. There was the gradual re-conquest of New Guinea, the hop to Bougainville in the Solomons, and the bloody seizure of the Gilbert Islands. The great Japanese naval base at Truk was so surrounded as to be practically useless, both from a defensive and offensive standpoint.Although the Japanese still maintained the remnants of a force on Guadalcanal, it was being liquidated as rapidly as slow-moving jungle warfare permitted.On New Guinea, General Mac Arthur's legions, having long since removed the threat to Port Moresby, began their attack on the key points on the northeast coast.

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