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To this day IETV is funded and operates as an autonomous unit within the ministry.Within two years it was broadcasting nation-wide and sharing its channel with the new public channel, the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s Channel 1 TV.Its “stars” were people such as Dan Margalit, Ben Caspit, Einav Galili, Immanuel Rosen.For example, its banner show, Tik Tikshoret, which is supposedly a media review and criticism program, is in reality a program which largely reflects the journalists’ likes and dislikes and provides them with a convenient stage to present their ideology and biases.Can one make better use of the expensive real estate used by the station in Ramat Aviv? If Channel 10 is forced by law to broadcast from Jerusalem, shouldn’t we demand that a station which calls itself educational be moved to Jerusalem and reflect much more the Jewish values of the State of Israel? Postscript: We take this opportunity to congratulate Mr.Yaakov Ahimeir, a recipient of the Abramowitz Israel Prize for Media Criticism, which was awarded to him by Israel’s Media Watch in 2007, for being selected as this year’s recipient of the Israel Prize for his contribution to the media.

Today, perhaps too many of our children have smartphones, and they certainly do not lack access to today’s modern media.

The personal opinion columns in the program are presented by extreme left-wingers Yair Garbozand B. It has never really provided the Israeli public with serious media criticism which then created real and positive change in the media.

With respect to balance, one may again commend Sa’ar.

The public has no address for comments and complaints.

We do not know how much the station pays its “stars,” even though its funding is public, our tax money.

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