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He teaches at both universities and got confused for a moment.

"It's a total filmmaking class: In the fall, the writing students come up with a concept, and in the spring, I take over and we shoot it." The premise of would require," Franco says, "and because the idea of having inmates putting on a play opens up all sorts of unconventional casting possibilities, and you get all this crazy shit outside of the play." is an unmistakably shoestring production.

There's no armada of climate-controlled Star Waggons out front; no brigade of PA's.

n the basement of a crumbling old mansion in Los Angeles, two women dressed in 19th-century garb are beating each other senseless.

One wears a white blouse with lace detailing; the other, a black frock and a gloppy stripe of blood down her face.

Other than that, we haven't heard much about James Franco's love life; now we know why.

"I've been getting better over the years at being able to speak more comfortably when I first meet someone." "Obviously, you have to be a little apprehensive on some occasions, but usually it's all very natural," he continued.

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"Obviously, you have to be a little apprehensive on some occasions, but usually it's all very natural," he insists to Franco hasn't been linked with anyone since his five-year relationship with actress Ahna O'Reilly ended in 2011.

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