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While headquartered in the US, most of the company's research and development was done in Israel; Comverse became one of the more visible success stories in Israel's hi-tech industry.It was one of Israel's largest employers of software engineers, was closely followed in the nation's business press, and was the first Israeli-associated company to join the S&P 500 index.“We sometimes had to infer it.” For this reason, Siegel’s research addressed only the possibility of backdated options, not the fact.“I am sure there are false positives,” said Siegel.Comverse Technology had several wholly or partly owned subsidiaries.The name "Comverse" is a fusion of the words "communication" and "versatility".

Led by co-founder and CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the company originally specialized in centralized hardware/software systems for voice and fax messaging and sold them to telecommunications companies and other large enterprises.“It’s not easy to find out,” said Marc Siegel, director of research at the Center for Financial Research & Analysis.“It requires a lot of manual work.” For his study, Siegel had to sift through six years of regulatory filings for 100 companies.The stock-option scandal broke thanks to research by University of Iowa finance professor Erik Lie and reporting by The Wall Street Journal.It’s hard to imagine that it’s 2006, Enron’s top executives have been convicted and yet we are still uncovering the ways that corporate executives have cheated investors.

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