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(Hint: if you’re a band and think you might yourself get into similar trouble, put it in writing and avoid fights.Well, unless you’re I’d like to respond to the concerns about CC.The GPL license used in open source software has similar stipulations, and neither license means something isn’t protected by copyright law — the maker of something is still the copyright holder, and uses those rights to define the way in which they want their work used and shared.Noted chiptune musician Marc Nostromo (M-.-n) writes us with a detailed explanation: 1.

Virgin Mobile got into trouble when it used Creative Commons-licensed images from Flickr in an ad campaign.

The notorious Norwegian duo Fitts for Fights performed entire sets stolen from demoscene/"microscene" recordings — and kept playing the stolen tunes live.

In April of this year, Laromlab released an entire album — every last track — stolen from other recordings.

(Many in the 8-bit collective community at least claim they’re pro-sampling.) There’s a difference in this case, though: the tune in question is Creative Commons-licensed.

It’s possible Crystal Castles thought, incorrectly, that that meant "free." However, the CC license used specifically requires attribution, non-commercial use, and that the derivative work be released under the same license — that’s three strikes against Crystal Castles.

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