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” with her sister’s voiceover saying how she is a total softie.Some of the other good gossip from here is: 1) Cohutta is the one who broke up with Nany and there’s definitely some fire there still.On tonight's "Free Agents" reunion special, after Nany laid into Johnny Bananas for trying to mess things up between her and Cohutta by airing her dirty laundry (literally -- he found Johnny Reilly's underwear on the couch), something special happened. Well, considering what Cohutta recently shared with MTV News, we have no doubts.Cohutta let go of his own misgivings about a serious relationship and made it official with the woman he said smells like "wild honeysuckle blossom." It was nothing short of magic. The competitor says in the interview clip below that he couldn't hold Nany accountable for her partying in the house ("Nany drinks beer like Dan Conner," he jokes).

I want to see my fave Challengers in between shows, having off-season hook-ups, working their shifts as Student City Spring Break celebs, and forming secret alliances while rocking an appearance fee comp’d table at Harrah’s Pool Party after Dark in A. Then we’d see them get the call—a new season of is casting—it gets posted directly into their brains via a chip Bunim-Murray has installed through deglutition via test tube shots.

This season’s conceit is Bloodlines, which means every contestant is paired up with a family member.

The duos are competing for 0,000 but because the host, TJ Lavin, utterly and truly enjoys messing with everyone on this show, he refused to tell them how the money was going to be split up. The losers—the ones who do the worst aka the ones that TJ hates the most that week—go instantly into The Pit for an elimination round.

Production probably needs all that extra space to keep everyone’s liquor.

The party immediately starts up with people jumping in the pool, the annual Johnny Bananas opening toast, and the Challengers checking out each other’s butts.

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"Free Agents" host TJ Lavin said racing to the top of Volcano Villarrica would be the hardest thing the game's competitors would ever have to do, but evidently, he's never tried to strike up a romance in the "Challenge" house.

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