Buffy dating the immortal

In fact, immortal women tend to only be allowed to have a single male lover, and must spend the rest of their long lives alone after their lovers die—or else give up their immortality.This perpetuates the double standard that it’s okay for otherwise good men—heroic men, even—to have multiple lovers, while if women want to remain “pure” and upstanding, they can only ever love a single man.In one case, Dream in fact banishes a mortal woman to hell because she refuses to be with him.

But this “spreading the love” that includes immortals and lovers of all genders does not seem to have been retained in our modern culture’s stories. , the Doctor ends up with a series of human girlfriends: Rose Tyler, River Song, and some shorter trysts “just for laughs” with Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth I—not to mention the memorable snogging of Madame de Pompadour.

They are immortal in that ordinary means will not kill them, and if they do die, a different aspect of the same construct will take over. Dream, as his name implies, is lord of dreams, and he tends to have problems with his many mortal lovers.

In fact, it’s because of Dream’s first lover, a mortal woman called Killalla, that it was decided that the Endless cannot be allowed to love mortals. When he falls in love with a woman, he pays no mind to her mortality.

Of course, none of these relationships last forever.

He gets bored, or the women do, or they have fights.

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