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Somewhere in the 1970's, with the advent of efficient high temperature ovens, someone discovered that this low value by-product of gem mining could be transformed by high temperature heating into beautiful and eminently SALEABLE sapphires.Many pieces were destroyed by the process but many of those that survived were gorgeous.Surface diffusion and beryllium diffusion are the main culprits, along with glass filling/impregnation.Often, these “doctored” materials have been surreptitiously introduced into the marketplace with no disclosure, a highly fraudulent practice.The good news is that the Geuda stampede brought a lot of beautiful reasonably priced material to the gem market.And, as time went on, heating techniques evolved so that virtually all the main production of sapphire and ruby marketed today has been enhanced or improved by heat treatments.A Very Brief History of Heat Treatment While we have historic records of various kinds of heat treatments of gems dating back many centuries, none of these appear to offer ways to significantly alter or improve sapphire or ruby.

The important thing, in this writer's opinion, isn't whether a gem has been heat treated or not, but rather that the fact of treatment is disclosed to the gem trader and especially, to the ultimate consumer.Of course, the grader also considers clarity and cut in assigning an overall grade for the gem.The gemstone market preference generally follows grading and historic preferences as well as natural distribution and the scientific base.The good news is that ultra dark colors in most gemstones are usually very inexpensive.On the scientific level, the richest most intense blues occur at the tonal level of 75 – 85 on a scale of 0-100, 85 being a point called the gamut limit. From the point of view of the gemologist or gem grader, the stones which have a pure blue hue with no overtones, a tonal value of medium to medium dark (those that do not exceed the gamut limit), and a saturation level of “vivid” will get the highest grade for color.

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