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Gigi approaches to him and says that the class was amazing, but Cathy Munsch interrupts their talk to ask how the class went, to which Gigi responds that it was amazing.

Grace, Pete, Wes, Gigi and Denise later find the Red Devil's secret lair, where the Red Devil turns the power off leaving them in total darkness. It was also revealed that Wes became a Green Meanie copy-cat to get revenge on the Chanels after Grace went crazy as a result of her Kappa experience. Wes is seen driving his daughter Grace Gardner to her first day at Wallace University. and is diagnosed with Trichophagia, otherwise known as hair eating disorder, but later reveals he faked the ailment to get closer to the Chanels.Cathy says that it will be better if all the adults go to the kitchen to talk about what to do, and Wes goes with them.In Munsch's office, Cathy and Denise talk about their experience sleeping with Chad until Grace, Pete, Gigi and Wes barge in and talk about their search for Zayday.

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